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jinglengstyle's Look - Pre-Fall 2020 Shopping Haul

Check out my look on ModeSens. In this shopping haul, https://youtu.be/fxT0vHXq0U8 I’ll be sharing with you 23 of my newest finds. Everything from Chanel tops to Hermès pants to Gucci swimsuits and many more luxury gems! Have you started working on your fall wardrobe yet? 这一期集合了花式大牌的超长购物分享。还有我的年度最惊喜品牌新发现!希望集美们看的开心,有所收获~

Co-Founder & Fashion Director of ModeSens
As a fashion director and buyer, I created this platform so everyone can have the opportunity to shop smarter. Most importantly I love sharing all my insights and luxury finds with you. Business Contact: jingleng@modesens.us
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